The concept of the Tadini Monte-Carlo brand focuses on trans-seasonal collections, designed to highlight the Tadini woman’s wardrobe with luxury footwear and handbags all-year round. The Tadini woman does not think in terms of seasons. She travels the world across time zones and climates, always with elegance and style. Whether leading an important work meeting or attending a gala dinner, she can always rely on the perfect choice of Tadini Monte-Carlo shoes and handbags, wherever she is.

Beyond seasonal styles, but in line with season’s trends, Maria Grazia aims to offer quarterly collections of unique pieces with new designs, innovative shapes, colours and themes, so there is always an ideal design for each destination and occasion all year-round, conveying Tadini Monte-Carlo’s art of elegant style.

Acquiring Tadini Monte-Carlo shoes and handbags is a refined and shopping experience, like collecting exquisite and unique handcrafted pieces for your wardrobe that you will treasure for a long time.

Our logo’s background represents ‘The Green Man’, as a symbol of rebirth and of the cycle of growth with a stylized and sparkling ‘T’.



Tadini Monte-Carlo’s artcrafts are located in Tuscany and Marche regions, which have the best traditions of Italian shoemaking, refined into footwear of premium quality. That is why Tadini Monte-Carlo combine the glamour style and design inspired by Monaco lifestyle to the best Italian handcrafted knowledge of shoes. The result is a fusion of pure finesse and elegance.